Lyonesse Armoury is the individual work of myself, swordsmith Peter Lyon. I am based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Swords hold a special place in our modern world. Obsolete as weapons, swords live as functional art, as tools to relearn history, and as powerful symbols of life, death and justice.

The sword lives on today as a way of telling a story, whether in print or on the screen. For every sword tells a story – whether it is a surviving historical sword, a modern reproduction, or art swords to be appreciated for their beauty as much as their function. They tell us the story of their creation for their owner and by their maker.

I have been fortunate in my career to be asked to help others tell their stories on screen. Working with some of the best designers in the world has taught me a lot about designing functional fantastical weapons for my own clients.

Occasionally I open my commission list and take limited commissions for swords. Where can you find out if my list is open? Check this site’s News section and subscribe to my news updates.

I always strive to make each sword as well as I can, to meet the needs of the new owner. Some of these swords will become family heirlooms and continue to tell their stories long after you and I are gone.

Every sword tells a story - Peter Lyon's philosophy as a swordsmith


The hilt of a reproduction historic sword, with engraving and gilding and a red leather hilt.


View samples of my individual work, both historic and fantasy swords.

A bar of Damascus steel being shaped into a sword blade.


Updates including work-in-progress posts. Sign up for News to learn when my commissions open again.

Black and white portrait of the swordsmith Peter Lyon holding a two-handed historic sword upright in front of him. Peter, a tall strong bald man with a pleasant yet serious expression, is wearing a t-shirt.


About me, the swords I make, and basics about my personal swordsmithing.

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