A selection of swords from Lyonesse Armoury: click on each image to learn more about that sword.

Historical Swords

Sword of St. Maurice

An engraved reproduction of the historical Sword of St. Maurice.

Oakeshott Type XIV.7

Lyonesse Armoury sword - Oakeshott Type XIV

A combat-ready reproduction of Oakeshott Type XIV.7, a sword used between c.1275 and c.1340, with a short grip and wide but relatively short blade.

Oakeshott Type XVII

A reproduction of the Oakshott XVII longsword.

Wire Hilt Oakshott XVII

A variant of the XVII longsword with a wire-bound hilt.

One-Handed Late Medieval Sword

A reproduction of Oakshott’s XVIII, including a cow horn hilt.

Combat and Fantasy Swords

Etched and Gilt Longsword

A custom longsword made to IMCF combat rules, with etching and 24-karat gold gilding.

Leaf-Bladed Two-handed Fantasy Sword

A dramatic, embellished two-handed sword with an interesting leaf-shaped blade.

Fantasy Longsword

Custom leather hilt on a steel fantasy sword

A “practical fantasy” sword, the client’s vision made into a highly functional blade with custom detailing.


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