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Fantasy Longsword

This is an example of a “practical fantasy” sword. It is not made to any historical pattern, but incorporated features the client liked. My task was to build them into a harmonious whole that works both as a practical sword and as an art piece. Blue-hilted fantasy sword by Peter Lyon of Lyonesse Armoury

All the sword and scabbard parts are bright-polished steel. The blade is about 90cm (36”) long, and overall the sword is about 120cm (48”) long.

Full length of steel sword made by Peter Lyon of Lyonesse Armoury

The grip is made to be used either one or two handed, and the steel ring on the grip helps the user to “feel” the hand position.

Grip details on this steel sword

The sword grip and scabbard are wooden, and covered with blue leather.

Custom coloured leather hilt on this steel sword

Here I am with the sword, for scale.

Sword with swordsman for scale

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