The following terms and conditions apply to any design and build commissions accepted by myself, Peter Lyon, as of 1 September, 2016. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. How this effects in-progress commissions will be discussed with clients at the time.


The process will start with discussions of the design of the item that is to be made, whether it is historical, semi-historical, or fantastical. A design process does not place any onus on myself or the commissioner to follow through into a build process.

After initial discussions, a design will be prepared as a scale drawing with cross sections and other detail notes as necessary, along with any references to the design sources that are useful. This design may be accepted or revised once to meet the client’s needs, at no cost to the client.  Further changes can be discussed at no cost, with further redesign and redrawing charged at NZ$60 per hour, the cost to be agreed and paid before each cycle of redesign and redrawing.

Cycles of redesign and redrawing can continue as long as necessary at the charge of NZ$60 per hour, as decided by the client.


If the work is for design only, with no intention of progressing to building the item – for example, for film and television productions – an appropriate rate or cost will be negotiated, along with any discussion regarding whether any copyright will be transferred to the client.


Copyright for any design and drawing will include all the work done, and will remain with Peter Lyon unless otherwise negotiated. This will include the use of designs and design elements, as well as photographs and other by-products of the process created by Peter Lyon.

Any paid design work is entirely for the design effort and does not transfer any copyright to the client, unless by prior agreement.

4  – PRICE

I will give a fixed price for the work once the design is completed and agreed, including delivery and GST (if delivered within New Zealand) before starting any construction work. This will include the work itself, construction of a purpose-built delivery box, any ancillary costs, and the cost to courier to the client. This can be either in NZ$, or converted to the currency of the client (if desired) at a rate that allows for some fluctuations in courier charges and exchange rates. This price does not include any taxes, duties and other costs which may be charged in the receiving country, and which are the responsibility of the client.


I do not currently require a deposit before starting work.

Payment in full will be required on the completion and acceptance of the item, and before delivery.

Payment methods:

  • Within New Zealand: cash, bank transfer, Paypal.
  • Outside New Zealand: Bank transfer, Paypal.


I will endeavour to provide timely and regular progress reports on the work being undertaken, with photographs where appropriate.


The design or details of a sword can be altered on a sword that is a work in progress, by negotiation between Peter Lyon and the client, and after agreement to any extra cost that may be incurred by the changes


Due to other work and life, in particular my work for Weta Workshop Limited which is a significant and variable part of my working life, I cannot promise to meet a particular delivery date. I will offer a completion date for consideration, on the proviso that this date may need to be changed due to changing circumstances of my other work. If delivery dates are going to change, whether brought forward or pushed back, I will keep clients informed as well as I can.


Before payment is requested, photographs of the finished piece will be sent to the client for approval.

At this time, the client can choose not to accept the piece, at which time it will be accepted that the ownership of the item remains with Peter Lyon.  The commission can be used, sold or otherwise disposed of as determined by Peter Lyon, and the client will not be obliged to make any payment for the work already done.


All commissions will be fully insured and that will be part of the cost of the commission. If delivery is unsuccessful and the item has not been returned to Peter Lyon, I will assist by providing any necessary documents to prove the item was sent, and assistance with any claim for loss will be given to the client.

I will not make any false declarations about the price or value of the item/s.

It is up to the client to ensure that the item ordered can be imported to their country, and to check on any import restrictions that could affect import of the item. Peter Lyon will assist where possible, but any issues arising from import of the item are the client’s responsibility, as are any import charges (duties etc).


I do not offer a scabbard/belt making service at this time, as this is an aspect of the work that I need to put more effort into, in order to produce a better and more cost-effective product. At such time as I resume scabbard/belt making, these terms and conditions will be amended.

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