It is increasingly difficult to just post knives and swords so usually they must be delivered by courier, and that is reflected in the delivery charge. Tracking, insurance, customs clearance and delivery to your door is built into the cost. Delivery is typically 2 days inside New Zealand, about 5 days to Australia, and 10 days to other parts of the world.

Important note about sharpened blades

Countries have different rules about allowing ready-sharpened blades through their borders. Some will seize all double-edged weapons, some will seize all swords or require the edge be ground off, some may restrict knives or other weapons. If you wish me to send a sharpened blade it is up to you to ensure it will be allowed to enter your country, and subsequent seizure is your problem. If you are in any doubt, I can make the item with a thin but blunt edge, which you can get sharpened once it is in your hands.



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